Robert Wong and Google’s Talent Incubator

Google’s Creative Lab

Not only is Google known for “organizing the world,” its extravagant, sprawling offices, and limitless line of services aim to make our world (both on-line and real life) a little easier and less cluttered.  Google is also home to the experimental and free spirited “Creative Lab,” born 3 years ago.  Not be confused with an ad agency, the Creative Lab’s sole aim is to build Google’s brand across a variety of platforms, and even create new ones.

Within the Creative Lab is THE 5 PROGRAM which takes young, creative and tech talented disciples and takes them under their wing for 1 year of training before sending them off into the world armed and powerful.  Robert Wong, Executive Creative Director of the Creative Lab describes the motivation behind the program, “The thinking was that, hey we have great talent that can come in and play with all the tools here and then agencies will get people that feel confident about all the tools at their disposal.  And of course it works for us because that way they know our tools and we can participate in the whole ecosystem.”

For more check out the profile of the 5 Program and an interview with Robert Wong:

-Ashlye Vaughan

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